Pre-Development Site Analytics


Apply Agnostic Quantitative Analytics

We gather hundreds of data points for EARLY™ to assess each potential development opportunity that includes:

  • Demographic estimates
  • Existing competitive supply
  • Planning and construction activity
  • Market rents and occupancy rates
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • Labor supply and wage estimates

We examine this information to identify trends and perform computations on it that result in actionable intelligence.

Conduct Qualitative Research

Once we confirm that a property meets our criteria from a quantitative standpoint, we determine whether the property and surrounding area are supportive of a senior living project.

This includes tasks that range from a comprehensive review of the zoning and entitlement process to meet with community members to gauge receptivity for the proposed project.

Select Only The Best Opportunities

We systematically compare all potential development opportunities, and select only those that will minimize risk and maximize returns.

Quantitative analysis and qualitative research generate a clear picture, so only locations that meet both our quantitative and qualitative requirements gain approval to proceed into development. 


Full project lifecycle

As a Kajima USA Group Company, our access to capital, completion guarantees, repayment guarantees, and property management services is unparalleled.

As the developer for your next senior living project, or as your co-development partner, benefit from our successful track record delivering multifamily and senior housing communities. Our meticulous attention to detail will make sure the project stays on schedule and on budget.

Construction Oversight

Efficient - Reliable - Experienced

Our team includes individuals with decades of experience as general contractors, so we understand the mindset of both the developer and contractor. We believe in an inclusive process whereby all parties have the same information, and ensures that any issues that arise are quickly resolved.

In addition, during the bidding process, we could include a general contractor that is a Kajima USA Group Company, or simply utilize them to validate GMP Pricing, provide advice during the design-build process, and more in an effort to generate additional cost savings.

Let Flournoy’s experience help you achieve your investment goals in senior living real estate.