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Dependable Results and Client Satisfaction at Every Level

In today’s highly competitive real estate environment, property management has never been more important in maximizing the bottom-line value of an investment. Flournoy Properties Group is dedicated to delivering consistently high-quality service, dependable results, and client satisfaction at every level.

Our Portfolio

Flournoy Properties Group specializes in multi-family property management for owned assets as well as those owned by third party groups. Our current portfolio represents apartment communities in eight states throughout the Southeast and Texas. This investment portfolio includes Class A and B quality assets in primary, secondary, and tertiary locations. Our leaders share a commitment to hands-on value creation and practices that have a positive impact on our communities. We drive investment performance through active operational improvements with a goal to generate stable and growing distributions for our clients and investors. From branding and design to resident relations and beyond, our award-winning residential services’ team always puts our customers first.

Explore Our Integrated Property Management Services

Financial Information

Flexibility is the key to achieving success. We maintain strict financial standards while providing excellent service, internal controls, and accurate and timely financial reporting. Utilizing online reporting and electronic transmission, we streamline complex processes on all assets under management. Focusing on a culture of integrity and trust, our team also upholds and maintains efficient and effective operations addressing fraud identification and prevention through on-site reviews and investigations. 

  • We utilize state of the art community management technology from RealPage and YARDI.
  • Our Applicant Screening system is a web-based solution that provides a standardized way to screen applicants.
  • Ensure effective and efficient expense management while automating capture of incremental revenue such as application fees, damages, and more.

Crafting the Flournoy Experience

We understand the positive impact user experience has on the success of a community. Therefore, we have given significant attention to developing functional and engaging websites that enhance the user experience and drive traffic to generate positive results for our clients.

  • State-of-the-art technology and best practices on all assets managed.
  • Analyze marketing data and strategies to optimize return on investment
  • Agency-quality marketing specifically designed for each community
  • Reputation Management – a detailed platform is used to measure and increase ratings.
  • Artificial Intelligence uses machine learning to anticipate a customer’s journey allowing us to collect predictive data as well as seeking connective share with a service platform that focuses on customization.

Commitment to the Growth of Our Employees

Education courses, training and associate development programs are crucial in staying current in the market. We have systems that allow our associates to quickly gain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage our clients’ properties. All associates participate in Fair Housing and Customer Service training. We develop and implement programs, policies, and procedures, while continuously educating ourselves on — and providing guidance around — changing market dynamics, new regulations, and industry trends.

Growing and Fostering Talent to Build a Culture of Trust

Human resources and payroll at Flournoy Properties Group provides outstanding support to our associates by offering exceptional benefits in the industry. We are proud that our payroll system is a highly efficient and cost-effective process. We utilize HR information systems that meet the unique needs of the property management business and is easily navigable. Flournoy Properties Group offers market competitive employee compensation and benefits packages, as well as orientation programs, training, performance management and other policies that support employee success and retention. By taking these steps, the department has built a strong talent base of tenured team members, providing significant added value to our clients.

Our preventive maintenance program ensures that every unit in our portfolio is walked and inspected every 90 days. There are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections that are done with checklists to confirm consistency for our product. Items included are HVAC filter changing, HVAC coils cleaned, condensate lines cleared, golf cart maintenance, roof and building exteriors inspections, fitness center and laundry room inspections, pressure washing, site lighting, and all life safety items.

Upon transition, Flournoy Properties Group would review and audit the current physical condition of the property.

Communities are routinely monitored for correct grounds maintenance based on sound horticultural practices. Contractors follow a unique set of specifications that fully provide for the needs of the plant material in a cost-effective manner. Contract review and negotiation is provided as a service to all managed properties. Safety for residents and employees is a top priority for all properties.

In 1990, believing that residents who were billed water conserved water, Flournoy Properties Group started a utility billing company named Metered Resources for Conservation. Detailed analysis of each account reduced water use for the company and ensures maximum collection of water costs. Residents pay their water bills to the owner, with their rent, not to a third-party biller, and collections are kept within the company, not passed to an outside resource. Sub-metering and billing services are available for water, gas, and trash collections for all managed properties.

  • Interpret and communicate property policies to residents and other interested parties.
  • Oversee handling of landlord-tenant disputes involving collections and evictions.
  • Assist with insurance claim investigation and reporting.
  • Review and negotiate utility agreements and other vendor service agreements.
  • Provide guidance on federal, state, and local accessibility and fair housing laws.
  • Provide legal counsel on employee and human resources-related issues.
  • Monitor and interpret federal, state, and local regulatory developments that impact property management policy and procedures.

We provide detailed scope-of-work reports and property assessments for all multifamily product types. Our due diligence site teams can identify short- and long-term risks, including life safety assessments, prepare capital expense budgets, coordinate with third party inspectors, and prepare thorough reviews of each asset. After each inspection, Flournoy Properties Group provides a comprehensive written report of our findings which expand upon the following major components:

  • Lease File Audits
  • Interior Unit Inspections
  • Exterior Inspections
  • Preliminary Capital Improvement Budgets
  • Service Contract Reviews (Available Records)
  • Utility Bill Reviews (Available Records)
  • Competitive Property Surveys
  • Report Compilation and Presentation

Stable and Effective Technology

Flournoy Properties Group continually researches, develops and implements improved systems to deliver stable and effective technology to team members, residents, and clients. The information technology department consists of Network Operations and Support and the Project Management Office. Flournoy Properties Group uses RealPage and Yardi Voyager, which both are web-based applications designed specifically for property and asset managers, owners, investors, and fund advisors in global residential and commercial real estate markets. Our clients can expedite reporting with ease and give Asset Managers real-time information. Our team also focuses on ensuring the protection and privacy of all our stakeholder data.

We define areas of possible risk and develop and administer programs to eliminate or minimize the adverse financial impact those risks may represent. 

To help mitigate risk, Flournoy Properties Group provides properties with an innovative renters insurance program through eRenter that saves money, protects the asset, and provides residents with a valuable and needed amenity. 

  • Renters insurance saves on the cost of resident-caused damage. The first $100,000 of damage from a covered peril is covered by the resident policy. 
  • Renters insurance saves on the cost of the deductible. Resident-caused damages are covered by renter’s insurance, so clients make fewer claims on their property and casualty policies. We anticipate fewer claims will result in a reduction of the premium. 
  • Renters insurance also saves money on property insurance. By transferring the risk to the appropriate party (residents who cause damage), clients may consider raising the commercial deductible and realizing an immediate benefit on ROI. 

Let Flournoy’s experience help you achieve your investment goals in multifamily real estate.